Journal quality management

Our publishing and licensing policy is highly elaborate and fully open, due to which potential authors can be duly informed about all of their rights and obligations before submitting a manuscript.

In defining and updating policies, the editorial board is assisted by our aggregator through a service called Policy&Licencing Support System (PLSS). PLSS is a means to ensure that policies meet international publishing standards and good practices. It is primarily focused on accommodating the requirements for inclusion in DOAJ, launched in March 2014.

Acceptance in DOAJ, as a source based on quality control and follow-up, has become a de facto proof of legitimacy, and is regarded as a sort of international certificate of validity for OA journals. Indexing in DOAJ brings to our journal a higher level trustability, while ensuring additional visibility to both our papers and their authors.

Four different indicators of the journal’s impact in SCIndeks and WoS are monitored and calculated once a year. The citations to individual papers are also monitored and published in SCIndeks on the article’s page.

As an author of a paper published in Strategic Management, you can track its reception by your colleagues. If you register to SCIndeks, which is free of charge, you may subscribe to receive alerts whenever your paper is cited. This keeps you informed and enables you to react promptly, which is sometimes plausible, and sometimes necessary.

The usage of Strategic Management and all its papers is also monitored and regularly published in SCIndeks. The number of visits to journal’s pages, visits to article landing pages (titles and abstracts) and the number of full-text downloads are tracked in real time and displayed on the journal’s page (Bibliometric performance - Utilization) and on the article page (Article metric) respectively.

In addition to indicators of impact, Strategic Management is carefully and thoroughly monitored for multiple publishing features that fall under term ‘bibliometric quality’. Quality measures are expressed quantitatively and comparatively, in relation to other SCIndeks journals, thereby enabling the Editorial Board to improve the Journal’s publishing policy and to steer its strategic positioning.

Authors interested in publishing with Strategic Management should be aware of features of their papers that contribute to the bibliometric quality of the Journal. Authors are expected to rely upon relevant recent literature, from trustable sources, primarily from quality journals. They should particularly avoid ethically disputable practices, such as undeserved authorship, manipulative citing, or using other people’s text and ideas without citing them properly. Such behaviours not only influence the assessment of the Journal’s quality, but also make damage to the reputation of authors and their affiliated institutions.

Strategic Management is an Open Access (OA) journal. All its content is freely available to all with no delay. It is generally known that OA journals offer a greater visibility and availability than their non-OA counterparts, due to which papers published in OA journals are more usable and citable, all other conditions being equal. Publishing with us offers to authors advantages that many prominent subscription-based journals cannot provide.

The high visibility of articles published in Strategic Management is permanently ensured via SCIndeks and enhanced further through automatic re-indexing of metadata in DOAJ and article full text in Google Scholar.

The full-text availability of our articles is absolute. They are accessible at a click either from the Journal's page in SCIndeks or through DOI, whenever your paper is cited in an article published in a CrossRef journal.

Our license enables you, as an author, to additionally boost the visibility of your article by depositing it in digital repositories (institutional or subject-based) or posting it to your preferred social networks.

The authors can raise their complaints by submitting a letter to: